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Together front the global warming !

The great challenge of our 4th industrial revolution is undoubtedly the fight against global warming. 

Humanity Doctor 1st challenge is to prouve : « Yes, it’s possible to conciliate profits with new businesses models and positive environment impact.

A lot of people try : citizens, scientists, engaged organisations, governments... but few realize them. Why ? Because of too much conflict of interest, many partners to convince and coordinate, and finally, the complexity of quantifying financial viability and real impact on carbon emissions.

Humanity Doctor is an innovative program to propose a new approach of project management with special experts 4.0 to help the change.

The second one is to be a catalyst among all the actors needed to build these projects : the project initiator, public/private partners, scientifics and governments. By the way, we are creating a task force to be efficient and an engaged road map to manage the process.

Thirdly, we find the money !
The challenge is to act this first step in a short time to deal with the need for quick and effective solutions.

The Covid crisis creates a unique opportunity to transform business models around innovative strategies that are engaged. Why? Because human health has passed before financial interests. Governments are committed by young generations for whom carbon emissions control has become a consumer criteria.

How? Here we reinvent your business models, in particular by integrating new cleaner technologies, we accompany farmers to switch into regenerating agriculture, as much as we support marine perma culture projects, micro solar energy networks, but also the clean transport solutions, sustainable housing, urban agriculture, and the repackaging industries and any innovative project!

We work with 50 very strong experts.


Finally, we support the youngest educational projects and the education of young girls around the world, which are the keys step to break the vicious circle of poverty and birth control.
In the post Covid crisis, being advised by the best experts in project management is an unprecedented societal challenge to respond to the 2019 climate summit engagement. 

You have a projet ?

Time presses, contact us !

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meet the team


STephanie Wismer cassin

Passioned by geo-politics, societal movements, new business models – circles of power, since I was a child. Project after project, in 20 years of ceo career, i have experienced many ways to deploy projects.

The particular feature of high-impact co2 consumption projects, such as new energies, is the strong opposition of fossil energy actors who see these developments as threats and the disappearance of their jobs. This difficulty is major and requires involvement of these partners in the new projects. Only a very good strategic management of coordination and multi-party involvement will make things work. We have no brake alternatives than human beings and fear of change that prevents us from changing our activities.

It’s our duty to understand each other to make project possible and to innovate with new inclusives strategies adapted both to the challenges of our 4th industrial revolution and to our climate emergency. Covid crisis is the opportunity to accelerate the change. That is why I created the Humanity Doctor Program.

Nexty Galaxy propels this action to act on 4 levels : politic, businesses, work, medias and ecology to have the strongest impact and coordination.




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Humanity doctor